5.5.1 Availability and response time

Service window

Response Time*

POS First Line Support

24 x 7 x 365 availability

90% within 45 seconds

POS Second Line Support

9:00-18:00 hours CET, PST and SGT on local business days

8 local business hours

Emergency Support** (for priority 1 and 2 issues)

24 x 7 x 365 (outside local business hours via email to dedicated emergency email address)

30 minutes

* Response time: The time between:

  1. the moment the issue is reported by Merchant to Adyen together with all reasonably required information to be able to investigate and address the issue; and
  2. the moment Adyen has (in the case of POS First Line Support) responded to a call or (in all other cases) provided its initial feedback on the issue and has started the resolution process of the issue (automated confirmation of e-mail receipt is not considered initial feedback).

* Emergency Support:* Support for issues in Payment Terminal Software which block the submission of Transactions via a particular model of Payment Terminal generically, so excluding issues affecting one individual Payment Terminal.