5.5.2 Resolution time (for POS Software issues)

POS Software Issue Priority

Resolution time target*

Priority 1: Issue blocking acceptance of payments for all Payment Methods via all (properly updated) Payment Terminals of a particular model

4 hours after ticket is logged with Adyen

Priority 2: Issue blocking use of an individual Payment Method via all (properly updated) Payment Terminals of a particular model (payment via other Payment Methods still possible)

1 Business Day

Priority 3: All other issues in POS Software materially hindering the acceptance of payments.

Reasonable efforts to resolve in next Update

* The resolution target regards Adyen making an Update available for the POS Software (or a recommended change in the setting of the same) that resolves the issue or provides a work-around for the same. This resolution target only applies to issues originating in the POS Software and caused by a previous Update issued by Adyen for such POS Software. Excluded from the resolution target are issues caused or originating in: software embedded by the hardware manufacturer of the Payment Terminal, systems or software of Scheme Owners, third-party POS Devices, user error, not installing Updates or not following installation and usage instructions as provided by Adyen.