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This notification is sent out when a payout is initiated.  If the payout process has been started successfully for a specified account, amount, and bank account, the notification contains statusCode = Initiated; in case of any error a notification with statusCode = Failed is sent.

If the beneficiary bank rejects the initiated payout later, an additional notification with statusCode = Failed is sent to the marketplace. If the beneficiary bank does not reject the payout, then no additional notification is sent.

Common fields

The table below lists the fields that are present in each Adyen MarketPay notification and provide general information about the event that triggered this notification.

Name Type Returned by default Description
eventType String -white_check_mark- This notification event's type.
eventDate DateTime -white_check_mark- The date and time when an event has been completed.
executingUserKey String -white_check_mark- A user or process that has triggered the notification.
live Boolean -white_check_mark- Informs about the origin of the notification:
  • true: the notification originated from the live environment.
  • false: the notification originated from the test environment.
pspReference String -white_check_mark- PSP Reference of the notification.
content Object -white_check_mark- Notification message content, which is specific for each notification type. For the detailed description of its structure, see the table below.

Content field structure

The content field of this notification contains the following elements.

Name Type Returned by default Description
accountHolderCode String -white_check_mark- A code identifying the account holder.
accountCode String -white_check_mark- A code identifying the account.


BankAccountDetail -x-

Details of a bank account, to which a payout should be sent.

description String -x- The payout description.
status OperationStatus -white_check_mark-

The payout status.

Possible status codes:

  • Initiated
  • Failed

Possible messages:

Code Description
10_061 Operation is not allowed in the present account status.
10_063 Payout is not allowed because the account does not have the payout state.
10_068 Not able to find bank account for given currency.
10_069 Payout has been failed for the account.

For more information, refer to General error codes.

merchantReference String -x- The unique value that you can provide to link multiple transactions to each other.
amount Amount -x- Deprecated The payout amount.

Note that the amount field is obsolete for the ACCOUNT_HOLDER_PAYOUT notification and is returned for backward compatibility. In this case the amount field returns one of the randomly selected values from the amounts array.

We recommend that you use the amounts field instead.

amounts Array -white_check_mark-

The payout amounts. In most cases this array contains only one amount item; but it may have multiple amounts when the scheduled payout job is running, and there are more than one amount in different currencies to be paid out for an account.

This array contains elements of the Amount type.

Returned in all cases except where the account holder is not active or not in a payout state.

Code example

      "description":"Test reference - Test description",
            "text":"10_063 Payout is not allowed because the account holder TestAccountHolder is not in the payout state."