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This object provides fields to hold information on all possible bank account details. Depending on the country of the account holder and the country/currency combination, some of these fields may be required, while others are highly recommended for successful bank account verification. For more information, refer to Bank account check.

Field Type Required Description
accountNumber String -x- The bank account number (without separators).
accountType String -x-

The type of a bank account.

Allowed values:

  • checking
  • savings

This field can only be used for US bank accounts. If submitted for a non-US bank account, an error will be returned in the response.

bankAccountName String -x- The bank account name.
bankAccountUUID String -x-

The bank account's unique identifier, generated on bank account creation.

bankBicSwift String -x- A unique identifier for a bank, BIC code.
bankCity String -x- The bank city.
bankCode String -x- The bank code.
bankName String -x- The bank name.
branchCode String -x- The branch code.
checkCode String -x- The check code.
countryCode String -x-

Country code where the bank is located.

A valid value is an ISO 2-character country code (e.g. 'NL').

currencyCode String -x- The bank account currency.
iban String -x- IBAN code of the bank account.
ownerCity String -x- The bank account holder's city.
ownerCountryCode String -x- The bank account holder's two-letter country code (ISO 3166-1).
ownerDateOfBirth String -x- The bank account holder's date of birth.
ownerHouseNumberOrName String -x- The bank account holder's house name or number.
ownerName String -white_check_mark- Name of the account owner.
ownerNationality String -x- The bank account holder's nationality.
ownerPostalCode String -x- Bank account holder postal code.
ownerState String -x- The bank account holder's state.


String -x-

Bank account holder street name.

primaryAccount String -x- Indicates if the current bank account is a primary account.
taxId String -x-

Tax identification number.

This is mandatory for BR and MX.