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This notification is triggered in case of a split payment is failed.

Common fields

The table below lists the fields that are present in each Adyen MarketPay notification and provide general information about the event that triggered this notification.

Name Type Returned by default Description
eventType String -white_check_mark- This notification event's type.
eventDate DateTime -white_check_mark- The date and time when an event has been completed.
executingUserKey String -white_check_mark- A user or process that has triggered the notification.
live Boolean -white_check_mark- Informs about the origin of the notification:
  • true: the notification originated from the live environment.
  • false: the notification originated from the test environment.
pspReference String -white_check_mark- PSP Reference of the notification.
content Object -white_check_mark- Notification message content, which is specific for each notification type. For the detailed description of its structure, see the table below.

Content field structure

The content field of this notification contains the following elements.

Name Type Returned by default Description
errorFields Array -x-

Missing/Invalid fields.

This array contains the ErrorFieldType   elements.

errorMessage Object -white_check_mark- Error message (see MarketPay error codes).
code String -white_check_mark- Message code.
text String -white_check_mark- Message text.

Code example: Sent to a marketplace in case payment details are incomplete

               "errorDescription":"Field is missing",
         "text":"Account with accountCode='332415436' does not exist"