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This object provides information on a shareholder contact.

Field Type Required Description
shareholderCode String -x-

A shareholder's code.

This is required for /updateAccountHolder requests.

name Name -white_check_mark- The name of the user.
personalData PersonalData -x- Personal information of the user.
address Address -x- Address of the user.
email String -white_check_mark- Valid email address.
webAddress String -x- Valid URL.
fullPhoneNumber String -x-

Either phoneNumber or fullPhoneNumber has to be provided.

The full phone number is a string handled as a landline phoneType (e.g. "0031 6 11 22 33 44", "+316/1122-3344", "(0031) 611223344").

phoneNumber PhoneNumber -x-

Either phoneNumber or fullPhoneNumber should be provided.

The phone number length needs to be at least 6 characters long, including the + leading symbol.