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This object provides information on a specific transaction.

Field Type Required Description
amount Amount -white_check_mark- The amount of this transaction.
bankAccountDetail BankAccountDetail -x- The bank account details, where a payout was made to.
capturePspReference String -x- Capture PSP reference.
captureMerchantReference String -x- Capture merchant reference.
creationDate String -white_check_mark- The date this transaction was performed on.
description String -x- The description of this transaction.
disputePspReference String -x- Dispute PSP reference.
disputeReasonCode String -x-

Dispute reason code.

merchantReference String -x-

The unique value that you can provide to link multiple transactions to each other.


String -x- The original payment PSP reference.


String -x- The payout PSP reference, if applicable.
pspReference String -x- The PSP reference of the current transaction.
transactionStatus Enum -white_check_mark-

The status of this transaction.

transferCode String -x- A code of the transfer, specified for the Fund transfer call.