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Adyen for Platforms

Onboard users of your platform or marketplace, process payments for them, and pay out their funds.

This documentation is for new Adyen for Platforms integrations. If you are using our classic integration, refer to the classic integration guide instead.

Adyen for Platforms is an end-to-end payment solution for peer-to-peer marketplaces, on-demand services, crowdfunding platforms, and any other platform business models. With this solution, you can:

Try out our APIs

Explore how Adyen APIs work: run example calls to onboard users , process split payments, and pay out funds.

  • Onboard and verify your users: onboard sellers, service providers, or contractors on to your platform, and let Adyen verify them before paying out. Adyen informs you of the results of the verification checks.
  • Process payments: accept payments on behalf of your users. You can split the payments between one or more users, deduct costs as needed, and hold funds until payout.
  • Pay out and transfer funds: decide when and how your users are paid, on demand or automated. Move funds within your platform to debit or credit funds to your user when needed.
  • Offer additional financial products: expand your platform's offerings by issuing debit cards and business accounts, or by providing business financing.

Supported countries

You can onboard users operating in any of the following countries.


Czech Republic
United Kingdom (including
Isle of Man and Jersey)

North America

United States (including
Puerto Rico)

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong (beta)
New Zealand (beta)

Onboard and verify your users

Let your users sign up to your platform then onboard and verify them with a flexible and layered onboarding process. To onboard and start the verification, your users must provide information to Adyen.

You can choose how to onboard your users: through Adyen's hosted onboarding, or building your own UI and collecting the information yourself. Users are onboarded in real time. Right after signing up, you can start accepting payments for them. Adyen informs you of the results of the verification checks. If the user passed the checks, you can pay out their funds.

Process payments

For every payment, capture, or refund, you can split funds between one or more users. You can deduct various costs, such as commission, platform usage, or payment fees and customize how you want to split the funds for every payment.

You can offer customers a full range of payment methods, including all major card schemes and local payment methods like iDEAL in the Netherlands.

Pay out and transfer funds

Send payouts, whether scheduled or on-demand, to your user's verified bank accounts.

You can also use the API to debit or credit your users on demand, useful when debiting fees such as subscription or chargeback fees, or when crediting your user with a bonus.

Offer additional financial products

In addition to processing payments for your users, you can offer them the following financial services:

Card issuing

You can issue fully customizable virtual and physical debit cards from Mastercard and Visa to your users. Adyen Issuing allows you to receive authorization requests on your own servers so you can approve or decline any authorization.
Adyen operates in the background, making it possible to create accounts, customize your own cards, and handle your funds. You are always the point of contact for your users.

Business accounts

With an Adyen business account, your users can make business-related fund transfers to third-party bank accounts. For example, they can:

  • Pay supplier invoices or utilities.
  • Receive business-related fund transfers from any third party, such as payments from businesses or customers, directly in their business account.
  • Receive payouts faster, because you can pay out directly to their Adyen business account instead of to a third-party bank account.

Business financing

With Adyen Capital, you can present business financing offers from Adyen directly to your users. We assess risks upfront and proactively create offers for your users. This allows them to quickly get funds without an additional application process. Users repay daily based on a fixed percentage of their processed volume through Adyen.

For more information, see availability and additional verification requirements for financial products.

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