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Additional steps for platform setups

Onboard users that have a direct relationship to card schemes, such as in point-of-sale solutions and commerce platforms.

The steps on this page are required if you have a platform setup. Do not perform these steps if you have a marketplace setup.

In a platform setup, your users have a direct relationship with card schemes. Examples of businesses with a platform setup include commerce platforms, ordering and point-of-sale solutions, and retail management systems.

With a platform setup, your users are at the forefront when accepting payments. Customers typically interact directly with your user's business, and your platform is mostly invisible to customers. Your Adyen contact will help you determine if this setup matches your business.

Before you begin

Make sure you have already created:

Get test account

To implement a platform setup, you also need API credentials for the Management API. You'll use this API to create stores and manage payment methods.

Next steps

To support the platform setup, you need to do additional onboarding steps. You must create separate stores for point-of-sale and ecommerce payments, and request payment methods for the stores. Stores, separate payment methods, and PCI requirements ensure that payments are processed in a compliant manner and that each processed transaction has an accurate payer statement.