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Business bank accounts

Enable your users to use an Adyen Business Account.


Countries: EU, the UK, the US.

This feature is in development phase. Some of the APIs, documentation, and processes may change as the feature evolves. If you have any feedback, reach out to your Adyen contact.

With your integration, you can take advantage of all the features our infrastructure offers, such as allowing your users to use an Adyen business account. Adyen business accounts are the equivalents of bank accounts.

When a user has an Adyen business bank account, they can:

  • Send and receive domestic and international bank transfers. They can make business-related fund transfers, such as paying supplier invoices or utilities, or receive business-related fund transfers from any third party, such as payments from businesses or customers, directly to their business bank account.
  • Get paid out in a simpler and faster way. They can receive payouts directly to their Adyen business bank account instead of paying out to a third-party bank account.

Before you begin

Before you can offer Adyen business bank accounts to your users, you must:

  • Check if your users are eligible for an Adyen business bank account. To get an Adyen business bank account:
    • They must be an organization or sole proprietor operating in the EU, the UK, or the US. Note that business bank accounts are not available for sole proprietors in the US.
    • The individuals associated with the organization must be tax residents in the EEA, the UK, or the US.
    • They must provide additional required information for business bank accounts.
  • Enable creating business bank accounts for your platform. To confirm if you can already use the feature, ask your Adyen contact.
  • Implement Adyen's Authentication SDK to comply with PSD2 regulations for online transactions.

Next steps