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Legal Entity Management API

Learn about how Adyen makes changes to the LEM API and when new versions are released.

We regularly make non-breaking changes to the Legal Entity Management API in order to provide you benefits from the updates, but at the same time not require you to reintegrate with Adyen. Any changes to LEM API are described in our release notes.

For the requirements for the latest API version, please see Required information and Legal Entity Management API.

We sometimes need to introduce breaking changes due to regulatory changes or provide new features to our merchants. When we introduce a breaking change, we will do this in a new version of the LEM API. If there are critical required security or compliance changes, these will implemented in the latest API version and released in test environments 4 weeks before they are available in live. You will also receive updates about these changes in your Balance Platform Customer Area.

Webhooks are currently not versioned and therefore are always updated to the latest version. We will introduce webhook versioning in the near future.

Breaking changes are introduced in order to:

  • Provide new onboarding features
  • Improve your onboarding performance and stability
  • Ensure compliance with new regulatory requirements

API release schedule

We aim to release new stable versions of the Legal Entity Management API and Hosted onboarding from time to time. We recommend you upgrade to the latest API version as soon as possible. Although older versions can still be used, they will not receive any additional updates.

Before we release a new stable version of the LEM API, we will offer a preview API-only release candidate version. Note that this version will not offer hosted onboarding support.

The release candidate version will be subject to change based on feedback received from our merchants who are willing to pilot. The new release candidate API versions provide early access to new features and improvements planned for the latest stable version.

To get access to the release candidate version, please contact your Adyen account manager.

Sunsetting API versions and upgrading to new versions

We aim to provide you with the ability to stay compliant with changing regulations. As part of our API lifecycle management, we may sometimes sunset older versions of the Legal Entity Management API. This means that after the specified sunset date, you can no longer use that version of the API. We understand that integrating with new API versions takes time, and hence, we aim to provide adequate sunset time from the launch of the new API version.

If you use hosted onboarding, remaining compliant requires no additional effort on your part.

If you use custom onboarding, you will need to upgrade to the latest API version before the sunset date of the version that you are using.

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