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Partner model setup

Onboard your users as direct merchants of record.

The content in this section only applies when you have a partner model setup on Adyen for Platforms.

Partner model is an advanced setup on Adyen for Platforms. In the partner model, your users are the merchants of record in the transaction. Therefore, this setup requires a direct connection between your users and card networks for payments processing.

This setup is suitable for platforms where the payer interfaces directly with your user’s business. Examples of such platforms include booking engines, ordering and point-of-sale solutions, and retail management systems. The partner model setup is the standard mode of operation for platforms that are "invisible" to the payer.

With the partner model setup, your users are the ones at the forefront when it comes to accepting payments. This means you need to create separate stores for both point-of-sale and ecommerce payments. Stores, separate payment methods, and PCI requirements ensure that payments can be processed in a compliant manner, and allow creating an accurate payer statement for each transaction processed for a given user.

Contact our Support Team to check if your use cases are eligible for the partner model setup. We’ll get in touch with you to learn about:

  • Your business model.
  • The regions or countries in which you are going to process payments.

We'll help you identify whether our current platform capabilities are a good fit for your use cases.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure you've:

Additionally, make sure to get familiar with the supported payment methods.

Get your test accounts

In addition to the API credentials mentioned in the integration checklist, you also need the following API credentials for the partner model setup:

  • Management API: You'll use this API to create stores and manage payment methods.

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