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Pay out to your users

Pay out your user's funds to their verified bank account.

Send funds to third parties

The funds from the payments that you process for your users are held in their balance accounts until you pay them out. To pay out to your user's verified bank account (transfer instrument), you can:

Scheduled and on-demand payouts result to a bank transfer request to move funds from an account holder's balance account to their transfer instrument. You can only pay out the funds if the account holder and transfer instrument are linked to the same legal entity. The account holder must also be allowed to use the sendToTransferInstrument capability.

Transfer priority

Setting a priority is currently only supported for on-demand payouts. We will support it soon for scheduled payouts.

To set the speed at which the bank transfer is sent, you can set any of the following priority. A transfer with a higher priority incurs higher fees.

  • Regular: For normal, low-value transactions.
  • Instant: Instant way to transfer funds in Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) countries. Has higher fees than a regular payout.
  • Fast: Faster than regular but has higher fees. Recommended for high-priority, low-value transactions.
  • Wire: Fastest way but has the highest fees. Recommended for high-priority, high-value transactions.

Transfer statement description

A statement description is the text that your users see on their bank statements when they receive payouts, which helps them identify the transaction. Adyen passes the description that you provide to the recipient bank. Most banks show this description in the statement.

To configure a default description for all payouts, contact our Support Team. You can still override the default description when you use a scheduled or on-demand payout.

In general, the description must not exceed more than 140 characters. The supported characters may also differ based on the country and priority of the transfer. These description limitations are described in the scheduled and on-demand payouts documentation.

Supported countries, currencies, and priorities

Adyen only supports paying out to your users in the local currencies. For example, USD is supported in the United States and AUD in Australia. There two exceptions:

See the overview below of supported countries, currencies, and priorities.


Country of counterparty Currency Supported priority
Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) countries EUR regular, instant, wire
Czech Republic CZK regular
Denmark DKK regular, wire
Hungary HUF regular
Norway NOK regular, wire
Poland PLN regular, wire
Sweden SEK regular, wire
Switzerland CHF regular, wire
United Kingdom GBP regular, fast, wire

North America

Country of counterparty Currency Supported priority
Canada CAD, USD regular
United States USD regular, fast, wire

Asia Pacific

Country of counterparty Currency Supported priority
Australia AUD regular, fast, wire

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