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Payment webhooks (deprecated)

Find out which webhooks Adyen sends for payout events.

More webhooks

Learn about the webhook types that Adyen sends to your server.

The webhooks described in this section are deprecated. Use the transfer webhooks instead.

When a payout is triggered, Adyen sends three types of webhooks to your server.

  1. balancePlatform.payment.created: A payout was initiated.
  2. balancePlatform.outgoingTransfer.created: Funds were deducted from the balance account.
  3. balancePlatform.outgoingTransfer.updated: The status of the payout was updated. For example, the payout was sent or the payout failed.

To keep track of payouts, make sure that your server can receive and accept webhooks.

Payout initiated

After a scheduled or an on-demand payout is triggered, Adyen sends your server a balancePlatform.payment.created webhook. Here you can find the:

  • amount object: The amount of funds to be paid out. The amount.value shows a negative sign, indicating that funds will be deducted from the balance account.
  • accountHolder and balanceAccount objects: Information about the account holder and balance account from which the funds are deducted.
  • referenceForBeneficiary: The value that you sent in the POST /transfers request.

Funds deducted from balance account

In the balancePlatform.outgoingTransfer.created webhook, you can find the same information as in the balancePlatform.payment.created as well as the following:

  • counterparty: Contains the transferInstrumentId, the recipient of the payout.
  • status: The value is OutgoingTransfer, which means that funds have been deducted from the balance account.

Payout status updated

The balancePlatform.outgoingTransfer.updated webhook contains the same information as the balancePlatform.outgoingTransfer.created webhook. The only difference is the status, which can now be any of the following:

  • TransferConfirmed: The payout was confirmed and will be sent out.
  • TransferFailed: The payout failed. The funds are returned to the balance account.
  • TransferSentOut: The payout was sent out. Even when the payout has been sent out, it can still fail at the recipient bank. When this happens, the funds are returned to the balance account.