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Route payments

Learn how to process a payment through your users' stores.

In a platform setup, your users' have their own unique connection to the card schemes, represented by their stores in your platform. When processing payments for your users, you need to direct each payment to the appropriate store.

In-person payments made on a terminal are automatically routed to the store that is connected to the terminal.

Before you begin

To process online payments for your users, you must:

Route a payment to a store

When making a payment request, send the store field with the reference of the store to which you want to route the payment.

This reference is the same that you provided when creating the store. You can get it by making a GET /merchants/{merchantId}/stores request, or navigating to In-person payments > Stores in your Customer Area.

While you can split a payment across multiple balance accounts, you can only process it through a single store.

The following example shows how to route a payment to a single store.

The response contains all routing and split information of the payment.