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Reference for additional capabilities

Know the required information based on the country.

Find out which values you can use for the FATCA/CRS, industry codes, source of funds, and source of wealth.


The following are the FATCA/CRS information that you need to collect from your users. In the future, you can submit this information by making an API request.

FATCA or CRS required information Description
Business qualification The type of business according to FATCA and/or CRS classification.

Possible values: Publicly Listed Entity, Subsidiary of Publicly Listed Entity, Governmental Entity, International Organization, Financial Institution, or Other.
Main source of income The legal entity's main source of income according to FATCA and/or CRS classification.

Possible values: Operational business activities, Real estate sales, Investments, stocks, interest, and/or royalty income, Rental of Properties, or Other.
Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) Only required if the legal entity qualifies as a financial institution, and is operating in the US or has UBOs through ownership or control from the US. See list of GIIN numbers.
FATCA and/or CRS classification Only required if the business qualification is Other.

Possible values can be Active or Passive, depending on whether the legal entity receives money mainly from active or passive income.

Industry codes list

The following are the values that Adyen accepts for industry codes. To submit this information, make an API request to create a business line.

Industry code Description
11 Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting
21 Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
2211 Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution
2212 Natural gas distribution
2213 Water, sewage, and other systems
23 Construction & installation
311 Food manufacturing
3121B Non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing
313 Textile mills
314 Textile product mills
315 Apparel manufacturing
316 Leather and allied product manufacturing
321 Wood product manufacturing
322 Paper manufacturing
323 Printing and related support activities
3255 Paint, coating, and adhesive manufacturing
326 Plastics and rubber products manufacturing
327 Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing
331 Primary metal manufacturing
332 Fabricated metal product manufacturing
333 Machinery manufacturing
334 Computer and electronic product manufacturing
335 Electrical equipment, appliance, and component manufacturing
336 Transportation (equipment) manufacturing
337 Furniture and related product manufacturing
339D Other miscellaneous durable goods manufacturing
339E Other miscellaneous nondurable goods manufacturing
4232 Furniture and home furnishing merchant wholesalers
4233 Lumber and other construction materials merchant wholesalers
42341 Photographic equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
42342 Office equipment merchant wholesalers
42343 Computer and computer peripheral equipment and software merchant wholesalers
42344 Other commercial equipment merchant wholesalers
42345 Medical, dental, and hospital equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
42349 Other professional equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
4235 Metal and mineral (except petroleum) merchant wholesalers
4236 Household appliances, electrical, and electronic goods merchant wholesalers
4237 Hardware, plumbing, and heating equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
4238 Machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers
42399 Other miscellaneous durable goods merchant wholesalers
4241 Paper and paper products merchant wholesalers
4243 Apparel, piece goods, and notions merchant wholesalers
4244 Grocery and related products merchant wholesalers
4245 Farm product raw material merchant wholesalers
4247 Petroleum and petroleum products merchant wholesalers
42491 Farm supplies merchant wholesalers
42492 Book, periodical, and newspaper merchant wholesalers
42493 Flower, nursery stock, and florists' supplies merchant wholesalers
42495 Paint, varnish, and supplies merchant wholesalers
42499 Other miscellaneous nondurable goods merchant wholesalers
42511 Business-to-business electronic markets
42512 Wholesale trade agents and brokers
44121 Recreational vehicle dealers
4412A Mobile home dealers
4412B Utility trailer dealers
441222 Boat dealers
441228 Motorcycle, ATV, and all other motor vehicle dealers
442A Furniture stores
442B Home furnishings stores
443141 Household appliance stores
443142 Electronics stores
4431A Computer software stores
44411 Home centers
44412 Paint and wallpaper stores
44413 Hardware stores
44419 Other building material stores
4451 Grocery stores, Supermarkets
4452 Specialty food stores
311811 Bakeries
44612 Cosmetics, beauty supplies, and perfume stores
446199 All other health and personal care stores
447 Gasoline stations
44811 Men's clothing stores
44812 Women's clothing stores
4481A Men's and Women's clothing stores
44813 Children's and Infants' clothing stores
44814 Family clothing stores
4481B Sports and riding apparel stores
44819 Other Clothing (accessories) stores
4482 Shoe stores
44832 Luggage and leather goods stores
45111 Sporting goods stores
45112 Hobby, toy, and game stores
45113 Sewing, needlework, and piece Goods stores
45114 Musical instrument and supplies stores
4512 Book stores and news dealers
4522 Department stores
4523 General merchandise stores, including warehouse clubs and supercenters
4531 Florists
45321 Office supplies and stationery stores
45322 Gift, novelty, and souvenir stores
4533 Used merchandise stores
45391 Pet and Pet Supplies stores
45393 Manufactured (mobile) home dealers
4539H Discount stores
4539I Duty-free stores
4539J Second hand stores
4539K Antique stores
453998 All other miscellaneous store retailers
4542A Vending machines (Food)
4542B Vending machines (Non-Food)
481A Passenger air transportation
481B Other air transportation
482A Passenger rail transportation
482B Freight rail transportation
483A Cruise lines
483B Ferries
484 Truck transportation
4851 Urban transit systems
4852 Interurban and rural bus transportation
4853 Taxi and limousine service
4854 School and employee bus transportation
4855 Charter bus industry
4859 Other transit and ground passenger transportation
487 Scenic and sightseeing transportation
4881A Airports, airport terminals, flying fields
48819 Other support activities for air transportation
4882 Support activities for rail transportation
4883 Support Activities for water Transportation
48841 Motor vehicle towing
4884A Bridge and road fees, tolls
4884B Electric vehicle charging
48849 Other support activities for road transportation
4889 Other support activities for transportation
491 Postal service
492 Couriers and messengers
493 Warehousing and storage
5111 Newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers (except internet)
5112A Digital goods - audiovisual media including books, movies, and music
5112B Digital goods - games
51121 Digital goods - software applications
51211 Motion picture and video production
51212 Motion picture and video distribution
51213 Motion picture and video exhibition
5122 Sound recording industries
515 Broadcasting (except internet)
51731B Wireless telecommunications carriers - Prepaid
51731D Other wireless telecommunications carriers
5179 Other telecommunications
51913 Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals
5191A All other information services
53211 Passenger car rental and leasing
53212 Truck, and utility trailer rental and leasing
5321B Motor home and recreational vehicle rental
53221 Consumer electronics and appliances rental
532281 Formal wear and costume rental
532282 Video tape and disc rental
532283 Home health equipment rental
532284 Recreational goods rental
532289 All other consumer goods rental
5324 Commercial, industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing
5411A Lawyers (except bankruptcy)
541211 Offices of certified public accountants
541213 Tax preparation services
5413 Architectural, engineering, and related services
5414 Specialized design services
5415 Computer systems design and related services
5416 Management, scientific, and technical consulting services
54171 Research and development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
5417B Other research and development in the Social Sciences and Humanities
5418 Advertising, public relations, and related services
54192 Photographic services
54194 Veterinary services
54199 All other professional, scientific, and technical services
55 Management of companies and enterprises
5611 Office administrative services
5612 Facilities support services
5613 Employment services
56141 Document preparation services
56142 Telephone call centers
56143 Business service centers
56149 Other business support services
5615 Travel arrangement and reservation services
5616A Security services
56171 Exterminating and pest control services
56172 Janitorial services
56173 Landscaping services
56174 Carpet and upholstery cleaning services
56179 Other services to buildings and dwellings
5619 Other support services
562 Waste management and remediation services
6111 Elementary and secondary schools
6112 Junior colleges
6113 Colleges, universities, and professional schools
6114 Business schools, and computer and management training
6115 Technical and trade schools
61161 Fine arts schools
61162 Sports and recreation instruction
61163 Language schools
61169 All other schools and instruction
6214 Outpatient care centers
621A Commercial private health and e-doctor services
6219 Other ambulatory health care services
6241 Individual and family services
6242 Community food and housing, and emergency and other relief services
6243 Vocational rehabilitation services
6244 Child day care services
624A All other social services
7111 Performing arts companies
7112 Spectator sports
7113 Promoters of performing arts, sports, and similar events
7114 Agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers, and other public figures
7115 Independent artists, writers, and performers
712 Museums, historical sites, and similar institutions
71311 Amusement and theme parks
71312 Amusement arcades
7139A Public golf courses
7139B Private golf courses and country clubs
71392 Skiing facilities
71393 Marinas
71394 Fitness and recreational sports centers
71395 Bowling centers
7139C All other amusement and recreation industries
7139D Billiard and pool establishments
7139E Aquariums, seaquariums, dolphinariums, and zoos
72111 Hotels (except casino hotels) and motels
7211B Other traveler accommodation
7212 Recreational vehicle parks and recreational camps
7213 Rooming and boarding houses, dormitories, and workers' Camps
7223 Special food services
722511 Full-service restaurants
722513 Limited-service restaurants (Fast food restaurants)
722514 Cafeterias, grill buffets, and buffets
722515 Snacks and nonalcoholic beverage bars
8111 Automotive repair and maintenance
8112 Electronic and precision equipment repair and maintenance (including computers)
8113 Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment (except automotive and electronic) repair and maintenance
8114 Personal and household goods repair and maintenance
81211 Hair, nail, and skin care services
8121A Massage parlors
8121B Health and beauty spas
8122 Death care services
8123 Drycleaning and Laundry services
8129E Other personal services
8134 Civic and social organizations
81391 Business associations
81392 Professional organizations
81393 Labor unions and similar labor organizations
81399 Other similar organizations (except business, professional, labor, and political organizations)

Source of funds list

The following are the values that Adyen accepts for the source of funds, and the information required for each type. To submit this information, make an API request to create a business line.

Type of source of funds Required information
Business (profits generated from commercial activities) Specify that their main source of funds is the payments acquiring business with Adyen.

Source of wealth list

The following are the values that Adyen accepts for the source of wealth, and the information required for each type. To submit the data, you must send the information through email. You cannot use the API to send the source of wealth information.

Type of source of wealth Required information
Business (profits generated from commercial activities) A description of the industry and business model.
Employment (such as savings from salary, wages, bonuses, or pension) Their role.
Their annual salary (most recent year).
Their employer's name.
Their employer's address.
The nature of employer's business.
The dates they were employed.
Donations/Gifts The date of the donation/gift.
The date they received the money.
The amount they received, in EUR.
The reason for the donation.
The name, date of birth (if an individual) and address of benefactor.
The relationship between them and the benefactor.
The source of donated funds.
Inheritance The date they received the money.
The amount they received, in EUR.
The name, date of birth, and address of the benefactor.
The relationship between them and the benefactor.
Rental Income (such as rentals or leasing out a property) The amount they receive (yearly), in EUR.
The address of the property.
Capital market income (such as capital gains or dividend payments) The amount they receive (yearly), in EUR.
A description of the capital held.
The length of time they have held the investment (in months).
Royalty Income (such as patents, copyrighted works, or natural resources) The amount they receive (yearly), in EUR.
A description of the royalties held.
The length of time they have held the royalties (in months).
Cryptocurrency income (such as trading, standing profits, ICOs, or mining) The amount they receive (yearly), in EUR.
A description of the type of cryptocurrencies held.
The exchange on/from which the amount is received
The length of time they have held the cryptocurrencies (in months).
Asset sale (such as real estate, vehicles, or other assets) The date of the sale.
The date they receive the money.
The amount they received, in EUR.
The type of asset.
The length of time they have held the asset (in months).
The address (if real estate).
Loans The date of the loan.
The date they received the money.
The amount they received, in EUR.
The name, date of birth (if an individual) and address of the lender.
The purpose of the loan.
The length of time of the loan.
Lottery/Betting/Casino winnings The date they received the winnings.
The amount they received, in EUR.
The name, address and website (if online casino) of the originator (lottery/casino.)
Other The date they received the money.
The amount they received, in EUR.
The name, date of birth (if an individual) and address of the originator.
The reason for receiving the money.