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Reference for additional capabilities

Know the required information based on the country.

Find out which values you can use for the FATCA/CRS, industry codes, source of funds, and source of wealth.


The following are the FATCA/CRS information that you need to collect from your users. In the future, you can submit this information by making an API request.

FATCA or CRS required information Description
Business qualification The type of business according to FATCA and/or CRS classification.

Possible values: Publicly Listed Entity, Subsidiary of Publicly Listed Entity, Governmental Entity, International Organization, Financial Institution, or Other.
Main source of income The legal entity's main source of income according to FATCA and/or CRS classification.

Possible values: Operational business activities, Real estate sales, Investments, stocks, interest, and/or royalty income, Rental of Properties, or Other.
Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) Only required if the legal entity qualifies as a financial institution, and is operating in the US or has UBOs through ownership or control from the US. See list of GIIN numbers.
FATCA and/or CRS classification Only required if the business qualification is Other.

Possible values can be Active or Passive, depending on whether the legal entity receives money mainly from active or passive income.

Industry codes list

The following are the values that Adyen accepts for industry codes. For some industries, you first need to get approval to onboard users. Contact your Adyen Account Manager, Implementation Manager, or our Support Team if you want to onboard users in new industries that were not part of your platform's onboarding process.

To submit this information, make an API request to create a business line.

Industry code Description
3121A Alcoholic beverage manufacturing
324 Petroleum and coal products manufacturing
3254 Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
3259 Other chemical product and preparation manufacturing
339A Jewelry, precious stone, precious metal and silverware manufacturing 1
339C Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
42311 Automobile and other motor vehicle merchant wholesalers 1
42312 Motor vehicle supplies and new parts merchant wholesalers
42313 Tire and tube merchant wholesalers 1
42314 Motor vehicle parts (used) merchant wholesalers
42345 Medical, dental, and hospital equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
42394 Jewelry, watch, precious stone, and precious metal merchant wholesalers 1
4242 Drugs and druggists' sundries merchant wholesalers
4246 Chemical and allied products merchant wholesalers
4247 Petroleum and petroleum products merchant wholesalers
4248 Beer, wine, and distilled alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers
44111 New car dealers 1
4411B Used cars - reputable dealers
44132 Tire dealers 1
4461A Nutraceutical stores (non-food)
44611 Pharmacies and drug stores
44619A Food (Health) supplement stores (nutraceuticals, food) - regulated 2
446191 Food (Health) supplement stores (nutraceuticals, food) - non-regulated
44831 Jewelry stores 1
4453 Beer, wine, and liquor stores
452A Buying and shopping services and clubs
4539B Stamp and coin stores
4539D Auction houses
45392 Art dealers 1
45431 Fuel dealers
487 Scenic and sightseeing transportation
52231 Mortgage and non-mortgage loan brokers
524114 Direct health and medical insurance carriers
52412 Direct insurance (except life, health, and medical) carriers
52413 Reinsurance carriers
5242 Agencies, brokerages, and other insurance related activities
5311 Lessors of real estate
5312 Offices of real estate agents and brokers
5313 Activities related to real estate
5417A Ancestry research
56145 Credit bureaus
5615 Travel arrangement and reservation services
6211 Office of physicians
6212 Office of dentists
62131 Office of chiropractors
62132 Offices of optometrists
62133 Offices of mental health practitioners
62134 Offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologists
62139 Offices of all other health practitioners
6215 Medical and diagnostic laboratories
6216 Home health care services
621A Commercial private health and e-doctor services
622 Hospitals
623 Nursing and residential care facilities
711A Ticketing agencies
7211A Timeshares
7224 Drinking places (alcoholic beverages)
8129C Pseudo science services (astrology, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, fortune telling, etc.)
81394 Political organizations
921 Executive, legislative, and other general government support
922A Fines and penalties of any kind
92219 Other justice, public order, and safety activities
92B Other public administrations

1Only when average transaction value (ATV) is 2000 EUR or less.

2Includes CBD, kava kava, baby formula, and baby food.

Source of funds list

The following are the values that Adyen accepts for the source of funds, and the information required for each type. To submit this information, make an API request to create a business line.

Type of source of funds Required information
Business (profits generated from commercial activities) Specify that their main source of funds is the payments acquiring business with Adyen.