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Adyen is phasing out Classic API integration

This page is for the Classic API (/authorise) integration, which we are no longer developing.

We strongly recommend switching to the newer UnionPay SecurePlus integration.

UnionPay requires an additional security layer, SecurePlus, which uses telephone verification.

To use SecurePlus in Classic integration:

  1. Make an /authorise call and include the telephoneNumber field.
  2. If a response contains paRequest set to CUPSecurePlus-CollectSMSVerificationCode, this indicates that a verification code was sent to the provided phone number. On your web page, collect this verification code from the shopper.
  3. Make an /authorise3d call including: 
    • paResponse – the verification code that you collected from the shopper.
    • browserInfo – the shopper's browser information.
    • In additionalData, include the  mpiImplementationType field and set its value to CUPSecurePlus to indicate that you are making a SecurePlus request.
  4. You get a response with the payment status.

To use SecurePlus in Hosted Payment Pages:

  1. Make an HPP payment request call including the shopper.telephoneNumber field.
  2. A verification code is sent to the phone number provided by the shopper.
  3. After the shopper enters the code, Adyen processes the payment and sends you a response.

This flow is a part of our Risk management system, and the authentication may be triggered dynamically based on the risk thresholds set by you.

To enable this feature, contact Support Team.