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Capture a recurring payment

Adyen is phasing out Classic API integration

This page is for the Classic API (/authorise) integration, which we are no longer developing.

We strongly recommend switching to the newer Capture integration.

Some payment methods (for example, cards) require capturing a previously authorised payment to collect the reserved funds. For these methods you can enable automatic capture, manually capture them in Customer Area, or perform a /capture server call to the Adyen payment platform.

For more information on capturing payments and performing other actions (like cancel or refund), see Payment modifications.


In a /capture request, specify your merchant account, set the amount to capture (either partial or full), and pass the pspReference from the /authorisation response as the originalReference parameter.

For information on all available fields, see API Explorer.

The following example shows the /capture request for a previously authorised payment with pspReference equal to 8313547924770610:


If the message you sent is syntactically valid, you will receive a capture-received response. For information on all fields available in a response, see API Explorer.

The capture-received response doesn't mean that the payment is captured, just that we've received the request to capture.

We send a final capture result in a separate webhook event to your system. For more information, see Webhooks.

The following example shows the response when Adyen receives a capture request:

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