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Disable stored details

Adyen is phasing out Classic API integration

This page is for the Classic API (/authorise) integration, which we are no longer developing.

We strongly recommend switching to the newer Manage tokens integration.

When you terminate your shopper's subscription, you need to disable the recurring contract to prevent charging this shopper with the previously stored payment details.


To disable stored details, send a request to the /disable endpoint. In this request specify the merchant account, shopper reference, and the contract type (either ONECLICK or RECURRING). You can also specify the reference of a particular recurring detail to disable, or skip this parameter to disable all recurring details for the specified shopper.

For information on all available fields, refer to the /disable page.

The example below illustrates how to disable a one-click recurring detail. Submit this request to the endpoint.

The following example shows how to disable all the details of a recurring contract. Submit this request to the endpoint.


The response to the /disable endpoint contains only a response field of a string type.

Possible values:

  • [detail-successfully-disabled] - when a single detail is disabled.
  • [all-details-successfully-disabled] - when all the details are disabled.

For information on all available fields, refer to the /disable page.

The following examples shows the response in case all recurring details are successfully disabled: