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Payment modifications for Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Payment Pages are no longer available

To accept payments through an Adyen-hosted page, use our Hosted Checkout.

This page is for the classic Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration, which has reached end-of-life. We are no longer processing transactions though HPP.

After a payment has been submitted via HPP and it has been authorised, you need to define the next steps in the transactions. A payment can go through different states, depending on the actions that are performed.

These are the available payment states in the Adyen payments platform:

Payments transition from a state to another through modifications, i.e. actions that affect the current state of the payment. These modifications are:

  • Cancel. Cancels the payment before any funds are transferred from the shopper to the merchant.
  • Capture. Captures (partially) the amount that was authorised for the payment. This modification will transfer the funds from the shopper to the merchant's bank account.
  • Refund. Returns the funds from the merchant to the shopper, after the transaction was already captured.

Depending on the current state of a payment, these modifications are available in the Adyen Customer Area (CA), under the page displaying the details of a payment.

If you process more than a handful of payments daily, we recommend automating payment modifications by making calls to our API and by using our payment web service.