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Optional configuration

Add features and customize the checkout flow for your shoppers.

You can set additional configuration on the Component configuration.

Configuration parameters

Parameter name Description
shopperInformation Prefilled shopper information.
localizationParameters Localization parameters, like custom placeholders in other languages.
style Custom styling of the UI.

The following example shows how to set optional configuration parameters on the Card Component:

//Create configuration object.
let cardComponentConfiguration = CardComponent.Configuration()

//Optional configuration object for styling.
let style = FormComponentStyle()
//Setting the background color.
style.backgroundColor = .darkGray

//Set the style on the configuration object. = style


These additional methods are required for additional use cases of Component.

Method name Description
didSubmit Make a /payments request.
handlerForPayments Returns a handler to make a payments request.
didProvide Make a /payments/details request.
handlerForAdditionalDetails Returns a handler to make a request to submit additional details.