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Payments India compliance guide

When processing payments in India, you must make sure your workflows comply with RBI regulations.

The pages in this section serve as a guide to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations that require integration and/or configuration changes to process payments locally in India. The information on these pages is subject to change in light of updates to the regulations. The information here is intended to supplement these regulations, and should not be taken as legal advice.

The regulations and changes described on these pages apply if you are processing transactions via local acquiring in India. They do not apply to cross-border transactions.

If you do not use local acquiring in India, but do process cross-border recurring payments from shoppers in India, you may experience lower authorization rates. We recommend that you monitor your traffic.

Regulation Applies to recurringProcessingModel shopperInteraction Regulatory deadline
Card details storage prohibition All merchants processing card payments locally in India. All card payments, including non-recurring payments. All 30 September 2022
CardOnFile payments Merchants processing one-off payments locally in India using a shopper's saved payment details. CardOnFile Ecommerce, ContAuth 30 September 2022
Recurring payments Merchants processing recurring payments locally in India, on a fixed or non-fixed schedule. Subscription, UnscheduledCardOnFile Ecommerce, ContAuth 30 September 2021