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Card details storage prohibition

The card details storage prohibition regulations described on this page apply if you are processing transactions via local acquiring in India. Reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Team to evaluate if and how you can process locally with Adyen.

The information on this page applies to merchants processing card payments locally in India.

From 30 September 2022, you must comply with new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations restricting the storage of card data when you process card payments in India. The information here is intended to supplement these regulations, and should not be taken as legal advice.

You, the merchant, Adyen and any other organizations in the payments chain are only allowed to store the following card details for transaction tracking and reconciliation purposes:

  • The last four digits of the card number
  • The name of the card issuer

Any previously stored card details other than the above the must be purged.

You must complete this by 30 September 2022.

Impact of card details storage changes

Because of the card details storage prohibition requirements, there will be changes to what you can view and receive in API responses, webhook events, reports, and in the Customer Area.

The following parameters will no longer be included in the API response or in webhooks:

  • cardBin
  • cardHolderName
  • holderName
  • expiryMonth
  • expiryYear
  • expiryDate

These card details will be redacted from all sections of the live Customer Area:

  • cardBin
  • cardHolderName
  • expiryMonth
  • expiryYear
  • expiryDate

The following details will be redacted from reports:

Report name Columns affected
3D Secure Authentication BIN
3D Secure Conversion BIN
3D Secure Conversion Issuer ID, Shopper Name
Dispute transaction details report (Multiday) Issuer ID, Shopper Name
Interactive payment accounting Card Number
Interactive payment accounting (Essentials) Card Number
Received payment details Issuer Id
External settlement detail Card BIN

These APIs will not work in India until further notice:

Prepare for card details storage prohibition

From 30 September 2022, Adyen will implement the above changes by default.

We recommend that you analyze the impact of these changes and enable them on your company and merchant accounts before 30 September 2022 to prevent any downtime on the day of the deadline. Reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Team to enable changes on your account.