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Recurring payments

The recurring payment regulations only apply if you are processing payments locally in India. Reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Team to evaluate if and how you can process locally with Adyen.

If you do not use local acquiring in India, but do process cross-border recurring payments from shoppers in India, you may experience lower authorization rates. We recommend that you monitor your traffic.

You can accept recurring payments in India of the following kinds:

  • Subscriptions: A recurring transaction made at regular intervals for a product or a service. These payments use the Subscription recurring processing model.
  • Automatic top-ups: Contracts that occur on a non-fixed schedule using stored card details. This includes automatic top-ups when the shopper's balance drops below a certain amount. These payments use the UnscheduledCardOnFile recurring processing model.

To process recurring payments in India, you need to perform some extra steps:

  • You provide information about the shopper's billing plan in the payment request.
  • Based on this information, the shopper creates a mandate between them and their issuer. This involves the shopper authenticating a transaction to create a mandate with their issuer.
  • Using the mandate details, you initiate a pre-debit notification before you charge the shopper.
  • After a cooling period of 48 hours, you're now ready to charge your shopper.