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Napas card

Learn how to accept Napas card payments in Vietnam.

Through our partner MoMo, you can offer ATM card payments through the local Napas network in Vietnam.

How to use Napas card

After shoppers select Napas card on your website or mobile app:

  1. Shoppers are redirected to a page that contains a list of local banks.
  2. Shoppers select their bank and continues with the payment.
  3. Shoppers are redirected to a Napas Payment Gateway page, where they enter their Napas ATM card number and PIN.
  4. Shoppers authenticate the payment by providing a one-time password that they receive through email or SMS.
  5. Shoppers are redirected back to your website or app.
Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Multiple partial refunds Separate captures Partial captures Multiple partial captures Chargebacks
Credit and debit cards Redirect VN VND x
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