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Titres-Restaurant Component

Add Titres-Restaurant payments to an existing Components integration.

On this page, you can find additional configuration for adding Titres-Restaurant to your Components integration.

Before you begin

Before starting your Titres-Restaurant integration:

To start accepting Titres-Restaurant payments, you must:

  1. Get an official authorization from the Mealvoucher National Comission. From them, you receive a Carte de domiciliation CONECS with your CONECS MID.
  2. For each meal voucher that you want to accept, contact the meal voucher issuer (Bimpli, Sodexo, or Up Déjeuner) for a contract.
  3. Contact our Support Team to activate the meal voucher payment method, and let us know:
    • SIRET (Your business registration ID)
    • The Conecs MID from your Carte de domiciliation CONECS.

API reference

You don't need to send additional fields for Titres-Restaurant. To see optional fields that you can send for all payment methods, choose the endpoint you integrated:

Component configuration

When creating an instance of the Component, specify which meal voucher issuer you want to use:

  • mealVoucher_FR_natixis for Bimpli.
  • mealVoucher_FR_sodexo for Sodexo.
  • mealVoucher_FR_groupeup for Up Dejeuner.

Apetiz and mealVoucher_FR_natixis refer to Bimpli, the commercial brand for Natixis.

Step 1: Create a DOM element

Create a DOM element on your checkout page, placing it where you want the payment method form to be rendered:

 <div id="mealVoucher_FR_sodexo-container"></div>

Step 2: Create an instance of the Component

Select your integration:

Supported in Components v5.18.0 and later.

Required configuration

Add the following event to your payment method configuration object:

Event name Description
onOrderCreated(orderStatus) Called when the balance on the card is less than the transaction amount. Returns an orderStatus object that includes the remaining amount to be paid.
Use your existing instance of AdyenCheckout to create components for payment methods that the shopper can use to pay the remaining amount.

The following example shows how to configure the Titres-Restaurant Component to allow the shopper to pay the remaining amount using a credit or debit card.

Use the create method of your AdyenCheckout instance, in this case checkout, to create an instance of the Component. Pass the configuration object that you created above:

const mealVoucherComponent = checkout.create('mealVoucher_FR_sodexo', mealVoucherConfiguration);

Step 3: Mount the Component

Mount the Component only after checking that Titres-Restaurant is available to the shopper:

   .then(() => {
   .catch(e => {
       //Titres-Restaurant is not available

Test and go live

To test Titres-Restaurant payments, you must get test credentials directly from the meal voucher issuer (Bimpli, Sodexo, or Up Déjeuner).

Before you can accept live payments, you must contact our Support Team to activate Titres-Restaurant in your live environment.

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