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Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is a wallet solution from Visa, where shoppers can add their card of choice if their issuer supports this payment method. They can then pay online or in-app without the need to fill out their card number or billing address information.

Step 1: Integrate the Visa Checkout SDK

To integrate your website or app with Visa Checkout, follow the steps outlined in the Visa Checkout integration documentation (PDF version). For a PDF version of this documentation, visit this page. When you register with Visa, they will also provide you with sandbox and production URLs.

Follow the Visa documentation to:

  1. Create a partner relationship with Adyen.

    You must create a partner relationship to process payments via the Visa Checkout SDK.

  2. Add the Visa Checkout button image.
  3. Add the Visa Checkout SDK.
  4. Initialise Visa Checkout using the onVisaCheckoutReady V.init function, using your API key.
  5. Configure the V.on event handler for receiving a payment.success response containing a Visa Checkout Call ID.
  6. Implement anti-clickjacking security requirements.
  7. Follow the user interface and branding guidelines for displaying the Visa Checkout button and acceptance marks.

When a user selects a payment and/or a shipping address from Visa Checkout, your server will receive a Visa Checkout Call ID. You should send this value to Adyen, as explained below. 

Step 2: Send the Call ID to Adyen

After your server has received the Call ID, submit a /payments request to Adyen passing the Call ID value.

The following example demonstrates how to submit this API request. The Call ID value must be set to the visacheckout.callId parameter and include it in the paymentMethod object.

   "reference":"Your Reference Here",

You can only board real credit cards on Visa Checkout. If you send a test payment to the Adyen test platform, you will receive the following message:

"Refused (This is not a testCard)"

Step 3: Go live

After you pass the visacheckout.callId in additional data, you are ready to process payments!