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Visa Checkout

Learn how to accept Visa Checkout payments.

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Check out Visa Checkout's website to learn how shoppers pay with this wallet.

Visa Checkout is a wallet solution from Visa, where shoppers can add their card of choice if their issuer supports this payment method. They can then pay online or in-app without the need to fill out their card number or billing address information.

To integrate your website or app with Visa Checkout, follow the steps outlined in the Visa Checkout integration documentation. For a PDF version of this documentation, visit this page. When you register with Visa, they will also provide you with sandbox and production URLs.

Make sure to create a partner relationship with Adyen to process payments through Visa Checkout.

Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Chargebacks
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For more information on Visa Checkout availability, see:

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