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PayPal (HPP)

Hosted Payment Pages are no longer available
This page is for the Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration, which has reached end-of-life. We are no longer processing transactions though HPP.

If you have any questions, contact our Support Team.

Set up and configure the following accounts:

  • Adyen - A valid Adyen merchant account.
  • PayPal - A valid PayPal and PayPal business test account.

Link your PayPal account(s) to your Adyen merchant account by sending our Support Team the following details:

  • The email address of your PayPal account to link it to your live Adyen account.
  • (Optional) The email address of your PayPal Business sandbox test account to link it to your test Adyen account.

Bank transfers

If your PayPal account allows it, shoppers can pay via bank transfer to PayPal. In this case, a payment authorisation notification takes about 5 to 7 business days before it is received.

Allowing bank transfers can result in never receiving refused payment notifications: when an order is initiated through the PayPal website, you need to accept it if you want to process it and complete the transaction.

If you do not accept an order from a shopper and/or do not take any action to accept and finalize an order, it is cancelled automatically after 29 days.
The funds are then released, and they are credited back to the shopper's PayPal account.


By default, PayPal accounts limit the refund time period to 180 days. However, longer refund periods may apply for certain accounts. When this is the case, the extended refund period needs to be configured accordingly in your Adyen merchant account as well: contact our Support Team to make sure the refund period in your Adyen merchant account reflects the one in your linked PayPal account.


By default, recurring payments are disabled in PayPal but can be enabled during the account setup. PayPal's online documentation provides clear descriptions and explanations about how to carry out this task:

PayPal Express Checkout Shortcut

PayPal Express Checkout Shortcut is an easier way for customers to submit a payment transaction by pre-filling billing and shipping details for them. 


Ensure the following is set up for your merchant account before implementing the PayPal express checkout integration:

  • Hosted Payment Pages integration.
  • A result URL - A return URL corresponding to the order update or order review page, following a successful PayPal Express Checkout payment authorisation.

You can provide the URL as the resultURL parameter value along with your HPP request when you initiate the payment, or you can define it in the skin configuration. 

  • Supply the BrandCode 'paypal_ecs' and POST the form to the endpoint.

  • PayPal express checkout needs to be configured on your account, send a request to our Support Team and set it up. This is a separate configuration from the regular PayPal payment flow.