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Release notes

Learn about the latest updates for Adyen for Platforms.

You can find all changes related to Adyen for Platforms on this page. To make it easier to have an overview of the changes in a particular area of your integration, we have organized the release notes into the following categories:

  • APIs: New version releases and changes to existing versions.
  • Notifications: New version releases and changes to existing versions.
  • Hosted onboarding: Changes to the hosted onboarding page and related pages in Customer Area, and changes to existing versions of the /getOnboardingUrl endpoint.
  • Customer Area: Changes to pages under the Platform section in Customer Area, except pages related to hosted onboarding.
  • KYC: Changes to how Adyen handles KYC verification.
  • Reports: Changes to how reports are generated.
  • General: Other changes that do not fall in any of the previous categories, such as new supported countries or payout improvements.