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Test and go live

Test your integration and configure your live account, so you can start processing live transactions.

Test your integration

Before you start accepting payments:

  • Use our test card numbers to make test payments. 
  • Test all the payment methods that you want to offer. Review details on each test payment in the Adyen Customer Area.
  • Test whether notifications have been configured properly. For more information, refer to Test notifications

Configure your live account

When you have the credentials for your live Adyen Customer Area, configure the add-on in your SAP back office using the settings from your live Adyen Customer Area.

Note the following:

  • When switching from test to live, you must create a new API key. Make sure that you also switch to the live API key in the SAP back office. 
  • Your username and password for notifications should be the same for live and for test. 

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