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Import stored cards in Magento

In the new version of the module (2.4.0 or higher) you can find the Recurring References in the Billing Agreements of Magento. 

If you already running the Adyen plug-in with version 2.3.1 or lower, you need to import the already saved card data into your Magento store to make OneClick visible to your shoppers.

You need to enable the Adyen OneClick payment method.

To import the current saved cards into billing agreements of Magento you need to manually execute the script by following these steps:

  1. In your command-line tool, go to the Magento home directory.
  2. Go to the folder shell.
  3. Execute the script by entering the following PHP command: 

    adyen.php -action loadBillingAgreements

All new saved cards are automatically saved into billingAgreement of Magento. 
Make sure you have turned on RECURRING_CONTRACT notification on your merchantAccount. If you want to add this or if you are not sure, just send us an email.