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Make product available for subscription

To enable purchasing a product with subscription, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Magento with your credentials.
  • In the Magento Admin Panel, go to Catalog > Manage Products.
  • On the Manage Products page, select the product you want to make subscription available for.
  • In the Product Information left hand navigation sidebar, select Adyen Subscription.
  • In the Adyen Subscription pane, a drop-down menu offers three options:

    Option Description
    Adyen Subscription Disabled The selected product is not available for purchase with a  subscription.
    Adyen Subscription Enabled
    + Standalone purchase possible
    The selected product is available for purchase either with a subscription or as a standalone item.
    Adyen Subscription Enabled
    + Subscription option selection required
    The selected product is available for purchase only with a subscription.
  • After selecting an option from the drop-down menu, you can add a new subscription by clicking Add New Adyen Subscription. Now you can populate the fields to define the newly created subscription:

    Value Description
    Label The name of the subscription for the product.
    Website Set this option if the subscription should be displayed and enabled for a specific web site.
    Otherwise, leave the default selection All Websites as is.
    Customer Group Set this option if you want to restrict the subscription to a specific customer group.
    Otherwise, leave the default selection All Customer Groups as is.
    Billing Period Time interval between consecutive billing periods.
    Billing Period Unit Time period included in each billing:
    Day, Week, Month, or Year.
    Qty in Subscription The number of products included in the subscription, and that will be deducted from the stock once they are purchased.
    Price The price of the subscription.
    Show on Frontend Set this to Yes if you want to offer the subscription to the shopper on the frontend.

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