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Order management

For the two platforms to be synchronized, you need to set up notifications. Common reasons for not receiving notifications can be found on our FAQ page.

You can capture, cancel, and refund orders in Magento – the plugin ensures that the status of the payment in Adyen is changed as well. Conversely, if the status of a payment changes in Adyen, the order status in Magento is updated accordingly. For this, Adyen sends you HTTP callbacks (webhooks) called notifications.
Below, you can learn more about how order statuses in Magento are triggered by payment events happening on Adyen's side, including your options to customize. The exact payment flow between the two platforms depends on whether the payment is processed with the API or the redirect (HPP) method.

API method

With the API method, you can accept credit card payments on your website and mobile application, without redirecting to an external website. For credit cards, the payment is completed in two steps: 

  1. Authorisation – The payment details of the shopper are verified, and the funds are reserved.
  2. Capture –  The reserved funds are transferred from the shopper to your account. 

You can either perform the capture manually in Magento (by creating an invoice), or have it happen automatically after authorisation. In case of automatic capture, you can choose whether payments are captured immediately after authorisation, or after some fixed amount of days. 
In both cases, you also have the option to enable 3D Secure.
The following diagrams illustrate the payment flow between Adyen and Magento, depending on whether capture is automatic or manual, and whether 3D Secure is used. The stages where you can customize which order status you want to use in Magento are marked with grey boxes.


Automatic plus 3D Secure


Manual plus 3D Secure

Redirect method

When you are accepting payments with the redirect (HPP) method, your shopper is redirected to the website of the payment method to complete the payment. 
This method is used for local payment methods. The available local payment methods are displayed in your checkout based on your store's currency and your shopper's country. 
The following diagram illustrates the payment flow between Adyen and Magento. The stages where you can customize which order status you want to use in Magento are marked with grey boxes.