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Set up Adyen Customer Area

To use Adyen's plugin for Magento, you need to set up your Customer Area with Adyen.

Step 1: Generate an API key

For authenticating API requests from your Magento platform, you need to provide an API key. 

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Account > API credentials, and select the credential for your integration, for example ws@Company.[YourCompanyAccount].
  3. Under Authentication, select Generate New API Key.
  4. Copy and securely store the API key in your system — you won't be able to restore it later.
    If your API key is lost or compromised, you need to generate a new one.
  5. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

You will need to enter the API key when configuring the plugin in Magento.

Step 2: Set up notifications

Adyen uses notifications, our webhook service, to inform your Magento platform of payment status changes. For more information, refer to Notifications

To receive notifications: 

  1. Log in to your Customer Area with your company-level account.
  2. Go to Account > Server Communication.
  3. Next to Standard Notification, select Add
  4. In the URL box, enter your website URL followed by /adyen/process/json.
  5. From the SSL Version list, select TLSv.1.2.
  6. Select the Active check box.
  7. Set Method to JSON.
  8. In the Authentication section, in the User Name and Password boxes, enter a username and password for basic authentication. You also need to enter these credentials in the Magento admin panel.
  9. In the Additional Settings section, next to HMAC Key (HEX Encoded), select Generate new HMAC key. Store the generated key in your password management tool. You also need to enter the HMAC key in the Magento admin panel.

    HMAC signature validation is supported from plugin version 6.2.0 and later.

  10. Select Save Configuration.

Step 3 (optional): Set capture delay

For credit cards, the payment is completed in two steps: 

  1. Authorisation – The payment details of the shopper are verified, and the funds are reserved.
  2. Capture – The reserved funds are transferred from the shopper to your account. 

You can either perform the capture manually in Magento, or have it happen automatically after the payment has been authorised. 

To change the capture delay: 

  1. Log in to your Customer Area with your merchant-level account.
  2. Go to Account > Settings.
  3. In the Capture Delay drop-down menu, select one of the following: 
    • manual if you want to capture all payments manually in Magento.
    • immediate if you want payments to be captured immediately after authorisation (this is the default setting).
  4. Select Submit.

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