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Adyen configurations

New to payments? Head over to our payments lifecycle guide to understand the different stages of your payment.

Questions? Before starting with this integration, make sure that you created a test account as described in the Get started with Adyen tutorial.

To support local payment methods, you should create a skin and an HMAC signature. See Skin and HMAC respectively to know more.

Account and credentials

In order for NetSuite to gain access to the Adyen services, create a Web Service (WS) user with the required roles in the Customer Area.

Make sure that you assigned the API PCI Payments role to the created user account. In a case this role is not accessible, contact the Support Team.

Capture Delay configuration

By default, Adyen accounts are set up with the Capture Delay parameter set to Automatic.

However, in order for NetSuite to properly facilitate captures, the Capture Delay parameter must be set to Manual. See Capture to know more.

Payment processing transactions

Adyen Customer Area offers a quick overview of all payment transactions and allows drilling down into the detailed status of any particular transaction.

To access this view, go to the Payments screen.

Authorized users can manually process selected transactions on these screens. However, any manual intervention or manipulation of a payment transaction from the Adyen site may have unexpected effects in NetSuite. A payment action should always be initiated from NetSuite.

In case of any payment manipulation outside of NetSuite, Adyen sends a notification to NetSuite and an exception alert to the administrator is initiated to effect any required change to the underlying NetSuite transaction.