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NetSuite configurations

Create a payment processing profile by navigating to Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing Profiles. Click Add Adyen Profile to create a new profile for your NetSuite subsidiary.

When creating/editing the Payment Processing Profile in NetSuite take care of the following:

  • It is recommend that you have a unique Adyen merchant account ID for each subsidiary.
  • If NetSuite websites are to be used for customer orders, they must be registered in your payment processing profile to ensure that payment transactions are processed correctly.
  • All NetSuite subsidiaries that use Adyen for payment processing must have individual payment processing profiles defined.

If you want to perform 3D Secure for your transactions, enable the Payer Authentication option in NetSuite and specify all required authentication values. In addition, set up 3D Secure in your Adyen account with credentials, payment methods, and valid request types.


To process payments with cards:

  • Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences in NetSuite.
  • Select Payment Processing from Items/Transactions and define the required settings.

Local payment methods

To process payment with local payment methods:

  1. Create a separate profile in NetSuite for local payment methods.
  2. Navigate to Adyen SuitePayment Main ConfigHPP Skin Code and enter your Adyen Skin Code.
    You can choose to enable Adyen’s Skip payment page or Multi page. Read Hosted payment pages to know more.
  3. In Adyen SuitePayment Main Config, enter HPP Session Validity (Seconds) and HPP HMAC Key Entry. 

    The payment deadline; the payment needs to occur within the specified time value. This is especially useful for tickets and reservations, where you want to hold items for sale for a short, limited period of time.

    • Format: ISO 8601; YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD.
    • Example: 2017-11-29T13:42:40+01:00
  4. Navigate to Setup >  Accounting >  Accounting Lists >  New and create a new Payment Method instance.

    By default credit card as a mode of payment is disabled with HPP on NetSuite platform

    In Gateway request types clear Authorizations and Captures and select Sales and Refunds.

  5. Go to Payment information > Supported payment methods and select Adyen Alternative Payments.

  6. In Accounting, create Alternate Payment Method profile and add Payment visuals.

AVS validation

Street match and postcode match validations are available in NetSuite when using the Adyen Payment Processing Profile.

Ensure that the address information of the shopper is available in the shopper's profile in NetSuite. Else, this information cannot be communicated to Adyen for validation. 

See AVS for more information.