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Install the extension

Learn how to install the Oracle Commerce Cloud extension.

This Oracle Commerce Cloud extension is deprecated and we are no longer accepting integrations with it.
We are working on a new extension for Oracle Commerce Cloud.

You need to be an administrator of your Oracle Commerce Cloud account to install the extension.

Before you begin

  • Install Node.js on your machine (v.8.1.1 or later).
  • Install npm or Yarn.

Step 1: Set up the extension

To set up the extension in the Oracle Commerce Cloud, you need to:

  1. Deploy the extension
  2. Enable the extension

Deploy the extension

To deploy the extension to Oracle Commerce Cloud:

  1. Download the latest extension release from GitHub or the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file on your machine.

  3. In the scripts folder, open the occ.config file and fill in the following fields:

    Field Value
    Username Your Oracle Commerce Cloud username.
    Password Your Oracle Commerce Cloud password.
    URL The web address of your Oracle Commerce Cloud admin site.
    Extension The name that will be given to the extension created in Oracle Commerce Cloud, for example, Adyen Payments Extension.
  4. Deploy the extension from your command line using the following commands:
    $ cd extracted folder path
    $ npm run deploy:server
    $ npm run deploy:client

You will receive a message saying that the extension is installed.

Enable the extension

To enable the extension in Oracle Commerce Cloud administration area:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment Processing > Payment Gateways tab.
  2. Under Service Type, select Adyen.
  3. Select Enable Payment Gateway.

Step 2: Add the Adyen widget

To add the Adyen widget to your checkout pages in your Oracle Commerce Cloud:

  1. Go to Design.
  2. Select the Grid View button in the Checkout Page where you want to add the Adyen widget.
  3. Drag to place the Adyen widget where you want to show it.
  4. Select Create New Widget Instance and name it, for example, Adyen Checkout Widget.
  5. Select Save.

Update or re-install the extension

To update or re-install the extension, you need to first delete the existing extension from Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Make a copy of all your preferences since these will be lost after the extension is deleted

To delete the existing extension from Oracle Commerce Cloud:

  1. Go to Settings > Extensions and find the Adyen extension.
  2. Select Deactivate.
    The deactivation may take a few minutes.
  3. After the extension is deactivated, select Delete.

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