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Partner referral portal

Use this guide to sign up for the Partner referral portal, submit sales leads, and view their statuses.

The Partner referral portal lets you collaborate with Adyen on our sales pipeline. You can create referral leads, have a real-time view of the lead status and collaborate with partner managers. By building a portal that has all necessary information and collaboration, you can close in on the best business opportunities.

Get access

If you want to sign up for our Partner referral portal, contact your Partner Manager and ask them to give you access. Once an account has been created, you will receive an email with the login details.

The Partner referral portal has a two-step verification system set up for login purposes. We send a code to the email address that you provide when you sign up for an account.

Lead statuses

You can learn about statuses of open and qualified leads.

Statuses of open leads

Status type Description
Open/Inquiry Lead has been surfaced to Adyen, but it has not yet been followed up with.
Attempting Contact Adyen is reaching out to the Lead, but it has not yet received a response.
Contact Made Adyen has received a positive response, and established bilateral communication.
Qualified Adyen has established bilateral communication where the Lead meets the qualification criteria.
Recycled Prospect where we have not received a response, they are not ready to buy, or they require nurturing.
Rejected Prospect does not meet our working criteria as the business has been identified as being part of a prohibited industry.

Statuses of qualified leads

Status type Description
In Progress Adyen is working on the opportunity (the stage can range from prospecting all the way to contract signed).
Won Adyen has won the opportunity and the merchant is live on our platform.
Lost Adyen has lost the opportunity.

Feel free to always reach out to your Partner Manager to get more context about the different stages.

Refer a lead

  1. Login to the Partner referral portal.
  2. Switch to the Submit a Lead tab.
  3. Fill out the form with details about the lead:

    Field Description
    Name Salutation, First Name, Last Name
    Job Title The designated position in the organization of the lead.
    Email The company email address of the lead.
    Phone The phone number of the lead.
    Sales Channel
    • AFP - Marketplaces
    • POS - Point of sale
    • Ecom - E-commerce
    • Mobile
    • Issuing
    • Omnichannel - Sales channel consisting of Ecom, POS, and/or Mobile
    Lead Description Include information such as the sales phase, if the lead is a decision maker, the need for a PSP, and ideal next steps.
    Company The company name of the lead.
    Industry Choose your industry type from the list provided.
    Sub-industry Choose the sub-industry your company belongs to.
    Company Segment An estimate of annual revenue in EUR.
    Address The company address of the lead.
  4. Click Confirm to submit the form.

View submitted sales lead

  1. Login to the Partner referral portal.
  2. To view open sales leads, select the dropdown on the View Leads tab > View Open Leads.
  3. To view qualified sales leads, select the dropdown on the View Leads tab > View Qualified Leads.

View lead reports

  1. Login to the Partner referral portal.
  2. On the Home tab, go to the required widget and select View Report. For example, to view the lead report for all converted leads, go to the Converted Leads widget and select View Report (Converted Leads).

You can find reports for:

  • All leads
  • Leads that you created
  • Converted leads

You can also view the lead reports for all leads grouped either by their status or their month of creation.

Talk in the Chatter section

You can use @ to talk to your partner manager to discuss a specific deal in the Chatter section.