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Go-live checklist

Follow this checklist before you start accepting live payments.

The setup from your test environment is not copied over to your live environment, so you need to configure live settings for:

After you have configured your live Customer Area and the PrestaShop back office, test your integration by making real payments.


Set up your live account structure

Give team members access to the live environment

Set up payment methods

The plugin renders the payment methods based on what is enabled in your Customer Area.

  • Make sure you've added all the payment methods that you want to offer to your shoppers.
  • Check that the countries and currencies are configured correctly for each payment method. To change these settings, contact our Support Team.
  • Check that the payment methods are rendered in the correct order in your checkout. You can change the order of local payment methods in your Customer Area > Account > Checkout.
  • Make sure that payments appear correctly on the shopper's bank statement. To make any adjustments to the shopper statement, contact our Support Team.


Receive payouts from Adyen

Use reports for reconciliation

Set up a Reserve

  • Consider setting up a Reserve: this is used refunds and other operational expenses in case of insufficient in-process funds.
  • To make sure there's always enough balance available on your account for refunds, you can also set up auto-funding.

Risk and compliance

Risk webinar
To learn more about risk management with Adyen, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars.

By default, your Adyen account has a risk profile based on industry standards.

  • Review your risk profile, and customize as needed.
  • Set up receiving system messages about Fraudulent Payments (NOF) and Chargebacks (NOC).
  • Make sure that you know how risk rules are triggered, for example by making a payment where the billing address is different from the delivery address, or using different email addresses with the same IP address.

3D Secure

Note that for Visa and Mastercard, the enrollment for 3D Secure can take up to seven days. This means that you might not be able to offer 3D Secure to your shoppers immediately after your live Customer Area has been activated.

  • Configure your own rules for Dynamic 3D Secure, to have more control over which transactions are processed with 3D Secure.
  • If you have merchant accounts in the United States, contact our Support Team to enable 3D Secure on US acquirer accounts.
  • If you are doing zero-auth transactions, contact our Support Team to enable 3D Secure for zero-auth transactions.


When using our PrestaShop plugin, you need to assess your PCI DSS compliance according to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire A (SAQ A).

API communication

Notification webhooks

  • Make sure that you're receiving all notification types needed for your integration.
  • Make sure that you acknowledge any notification type with an [accepted] response, to prevent notifications being queued.
  • The plugin has a cron job that handles the notifications. To test that this is working correctly:
    1. In your Customer Area, go to Account > Server Communication.
    2. Next to Standard Notification, select Edit & Test.
    3. Check whether the endpoint responds with a 200.

End-to-end testing

To make sure your integration can handle the entire payment lifecycle with real payment details. We recommend testing the following scenarios:

Payments with real details incur fees. To have enough funds available for refunds, consider setting up a Reserve.
  • For each payment method that you offer, make a successful payment using real details.
  • Make a payment with resultCode: Refused, for example by entering incorrect card details.
  • Make a payment with refusalReason: FRAUD, by triggering multiple risk checks to achieve a risk score above 100.
  • Make a refund, including a partial refund.

3D Secure

Test the following scenarios:

  • Make a successful payment with 3D Secure authentication.
  • Make a 3D Secure payment where the shopper fails to complete the challenge.
  • Make sure that 3D Secure is triggered correctly according to your risk settings (Dynamic 3D Secure and your risk profile).

Next steps

Once you've completed the above checklist, you're ready to accept live payments!