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Install the cartridge and import the metadata

If you want to migrate to a newer version of the Cartridge, see Migrating to version 20.1.0.

Step 1: Install the cartridge

The Adyen LINK cartridge can be used with either Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), a controller-based SiteGenesis, or a pipeline-based SiteGenesis.

  • If you are using SFRA, install int_adyen_overlay and int_adyen_SFRA using Commerce Cloud UX-studio.
  • If you are using a controller-based integration, install int_adyen_overlaybm_adyen, and int_adyen_controllers cartridges using Commerce Cloud UX-studio.
  • Deprecated If you are using a pipeline-based integration, install int_adyen_overlaybm_adyen, and int_adyen_pipelines cartridges using Commerce Cloud UX-studio.

Step 2: Install sgmf-scripts

This step is only required if you are using SFRA.

Salesforce has published an npm node named sgmf-scripts that has tools to compile the CSS and JS scripts for your storefront site.

You can install sgmf-scripts from your command line: 

npm install sgmf-scripts

After you have installed sgmf-scripts, compile the CSS, JS scripts and fonts with the following command:

npm run compile:js && npm run compile:scss && npm run compile:fonts

Usually, you only have to compile the fonts once.

Step 3: Import the metadata

To add new configuration items, import the predefined metadata: 

  1. Download the installation package on our GitHub page. 
  2. Open the package/metadata/site_import/sites/ folder.
  3. Rename the yourSiteId folder to the ID of your site in the Business Manager.
  4. Zip the site_import folder. 
  5. In the Business Manager, go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export and import the zipped file.

After the import, attributes named Adyen[attributeName] are added to: 

  • Administration > Site Development > System Object Types > Site Preferences > Attribute Definitions
  • Administration > Site Development > System Object Types > Order > Attribute Definitions
  • Administration > Site Development > Custom Object Types 

Also, the following services are added to Administration > Operations > Services:

  • AdyenPayment
  • AdyenRecurring
  • AdyenRecurringDisable
  • AdyenPosPayment
  • AdyenOriginKeys
  • AdyenCheckoutPaymentMethods
  • AdyenPaymentDetails

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