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SFRA customization guide

Learn how to customize your checkout for SFRA integrations.

To customize your shoppers' checkout experience, create a new cartridge with your custom code. Adding this cartridge before the Adyen cartridges will override configurations in the Adyen code.

This setup makes it easier to temporarily remove custom code when upgrading or troubleshooting your integration. This way, you can quickly benefit from new features and bug fixes.

Add custom code

  1. Create a new cartridge in your /cartridges directory and name it, for example: int_custom_cartridge.
  2. Add your custom code to the new cartridge and update metadata if needed
  3. Update the name property in the package.json file to the name you chose, for example int_custom_cartridge.
  4. Run the following command to make sure all unit tests are passing:
    npm install
  5. Run the following command:
    npm run build
  6. Add the new cartridge to your cartridge path:
    1. Go to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > [yourSite] > Settings.
    2. In the Cartridges box, add the new cartridge before the Adyen cartridges.
    3. Select Apply.
  7. Modify or add end-to-end tests as needed.
  8. Run the end-to-end tests to make sure your custom code works correctly.

Watch how to customize your SFCC cartridge:

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