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Migrating to version 20.1.0

Learn about the changes in Adyen Payments Cartridge - B2C Commerce and Quick Launch in version 20.1.0.

If you are currently using Adyen Payments Cartridge - B2C Commerce and Quick Launch version 19.x.x and earlier, migrate to the latest version to take advantage of new functionality and improvements.

Adyen Payments Cartridge - B2C Commerce and Quick Launch version 20.1.0 is not backward compatible with older versions.

On this page, we describe the key changes and provide recommendations for the changes that you need to do in your existing integration.

Changes introduced in v20.1.0

  • We have now combined the two different payment processors (Credit Card for card payments and Adyen for all other payment methods) into one processor called Adyen_Component.

  • The /cartridges folder can now be found inside the /src folder. The /src folder now supports ES6, and we use Babel to transpile the code.

  • We have included our Checkout Components in the bundle.js file.

  • We also updated the SiteGenesis code changes to customize storefront code.

  • When you import the metadata, the Adyen API endpoints are automatically updated to v51.

What you need to do to migrate to v20.1.0

  • When upgrading your Adyen Payments Cartridge to version 20.1.0, start by building the code and importing the metadata. Then, set up the cartridge and the payment methods.

  • To start using the Adyen_Component payment processor:
    • In the Business Manager, go to Merchant tools > Ordering > Payment Methods.
    • In the ID column, set the Payment Processor to Adyen_Component and disable the old Credit Card and Adyen payment processors.