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Salesforce Commerce Cloud release notes

Learn about the updates to our Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge.

For technical details about these releases, refer to the release notes on GitHub.
We recommend that you always use the latest version of the cartridge to get the best support. Click Watch on the GitHub repository to get notified about new releases.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Adyen Cartridge 20.1.0 (July 17th, 2020)

Version 20.1.0 contains breaking changes and is not backward compatible with 19.x.x and lower.
To upgrade to version 20.1.0, refer to our documentation on migration.


  • We added the Adyen Component payment processor, which will render Adyen Web Components dynamically. This includes the following from our overview of payment methods:

    • All credit cards
    • All cash and ATM payment methods
    • All direct debit payment methods
    • All other payment methods with a redirect payment flow. This refers to online banking and buy now, pay later payment methods, prepaid cards and gift cards, and wallets. The overview of payment methods indicates whether such a payment method has a redirect payment flow, or a different flow.
  • We updated the PayPal integration. With this, you can present PayPal's Smart Payment Buttons to shoppers in your payment form. In all supported countries you can present a PayPal button, and in the US and the United Kingdom you can also present PayPal Credit.
  • You can use Adyen Giving to let your shoppers donate to a charity of your choice after they complete the checkout. To find out more, go to
  • You can enable in-store point-of-sale payments through your Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront, using our built-in Terminal Cloud API.
  • The cartridge now supports Credit Card Installments. With this and the support for Boleto, the cartridge is also fully ready for the Brazilian market.


  • We updated all existing Adyen Web Components to version v3.9.4.


  • The shopper can now choose to save their payment details for later purchases, and can validate the payment fields during the checkout.
  • Payments with a redirect flow are now correctly saved as a new order in the Business Manager.
  • The order statuses will be updated if Adyen successfully retries a failed capture.
  • The payment details from Multibanco are now included in the confirmation email.
  • We fixed an issue with showing labels in drop-down lists in Firefox.
  • We removed the max-length requirement for the card owner field.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Adyen Cartridge 19.2.0 (Sept 27th, 2019)


  • Shoppers paying with Konbini or Dragonpay can now complete the whole payment flow without being externally redirected.
  • We added a security check to prevent website spoofing and session hijacking.
  • You can now access a masked version of shoppers' credit card details from the order payment instrument.


  • To maintain the quality and reliability of the cartridge we have:

    • Implemented automatic end-to-end testing.
    • Refactored some of our integration.
  • We have updated our integration for stored cards. As a result, you need to update your store shopper details preferences.


  • We now send the correct device fingerprint for RatePAY payments.
  • We fixed an issue where shoppers' stored card details were sometimes not shown on the payment form.