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Shopware 5 release notes

Learn about the updates to our Shopware 5 plugin.

For technical details about these releases, refer to the release notes on GitHub.

Adyen plugin version 1.7.0 (Jan 21st, 2021)


  • You can now store your shopper's payment details for a faster checkout experience.
  • The returnUrl is now appended with the order number.
  • The plugin now uses version 3.12.1 of Web Components.

Fixed issues

  • When using multiple storefronts, shoppers no longer see a Cannot decrypt api data error for additional stores added in the Shopware backend.
  • We fixed an issue with redirect payment methods where /payments/details request was missing paymentData, causing payments to be stuck in the offer status.

Adyen plugin version 1.6.0 (Dec 7th, 2020)


  • New supported payment methods: Gift cards, Bancontact Mobile, and PayPal.
  • The notification URL was updated from /frontend/notification/index to /frontend/notification/adyen.


  • An order confirmation email is no longer sent to the shopper if the payment has been rejected.
  • When configuring the plugin to work with different merchant accounts for different Shopware shops, the default merchant account was always used when fetching payment methods from Adyen. This means that incorrect payment methods were returned for other merchant accounts. The plugin now uses the correct merchant account and fetches the corresponding payment methods.
  • Fixed an issue where the Google Chrome SameSite cookie policy was causing problems with 3D Secure 1 payments and shoppers would be redirected to an empty cart.
  • Fixed an issue with redirect payment methods (such as PayPal) that resulted in a front-end error and broke the flow for shoppers.

Known issues

  • When using multiple storefronts, shoppers will see errors for additional stores added in the Shopware backend.
  • Redirect payment methods might sometimes be stuck in the offer status because the /payments/details request is missing paymentData.

Adyen plugin version 1.5.1 (Sept 30th, 2020)


  • The plugin supports the following payment methods: Credit and debit cards, Giropay, Google Pay, iDeal, Klarna, and Sofort.
  • Added redirect data to the payment request so the SameSite cookie settings in Google Chrome will not affect users redirected after 3DS1 authentication.


  • Fixed an issue with an email being sent to the shopper before the payment was successful.
  • The cron jobs are running as expected again.