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Display notifications

Learn about display events sent from the terminal to the sale system.

Display events are sent from the POI (also known as Pin Entry Device (PED)) to the Sale system (also known as Point of Sale or Cash Register) during a transaction. Display events do not require any action by the cash register. They inform the staff of what is happening on the POI.

To receive display events, the Sale System or Sale Server must run a HTTP server. Contact the Support Team to configure these end-points (IP or URL).

Display events are returned in the ReferenceID, as an event value (possible values are listed in the Display events section). ReferenceID is form encoded and can contain multiple values, including eventTransactionID (POI ID / tender reference) and timestamp.

For Display requests, the ServiceID of the original request is included, and the Device ID will differ for each display request.

If an Event notification refers to a specific request, the header will include the ServiceID of that request, otherwise the ServiceID will not be included.

The SaleID and ServiceID in the MessageHeader should be unique. SaleID and ServiceID combinations are rejected if used recently, within 48 hours.

No content is expected in the HTTP response body for these messages. If the response does not arrive, we do not retry.

Display requests

Name Description

The tender was successfully created.


The terminal is waiting for the shopper to select a payment application.

ASK_SIGNATURE The PED has requested a signature from the shopper.

A PIN is requested at the terminal.


The terminal is waiting for a possible gratuity.


The terminal is checking if the customer requires dynamic currency conversion.


The request for dynamic currency conversion has been accepted.
DCC_REJECTED The request for dynamic currency conversion has been rejected.
PROVIDE_CARD_DETAILS The terminal is waiting for card details.

The terminal is printing the receipt.


The customer has selected their preferred payment application.


A card was inserted.

CARD_REMOVED A card was removed.
CARD_DETAILS_PROVIDED The card details have been entered.
CARD_SWIPED A cards was swiped.
PIN_ENTERED A pin was entered
TENDER_FINAL The tender was finished because the shopper completed or abandoned the transaction.

For examples of display notifications in JSON format, see Display notification code examples.