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Obtain a small amount of cash from a card with a purchase or without a purchase (cashout).

The cashback feature lets shoppers get cash in hand from their account, either with their purchase or without a purchase. Cashback without a purchase is often called cashout.

Cashback is supported for:

  • eftpos debit cards in Australia.
  • girocard debit cards in Germany. Only with a purchase.
  • Mastercard in Europe. Only with a purchase, and only in specific countries. Contact our Support Team to learn for which countries cashback can be enabled.
  • Visa in Europe. Only with a purchase.

Enable cashbacks

Contact our Support Team to enable cashbacks.

Issue a cashback

  1. Determine the following values that you'll need to pass in your payment request:

    • The cashback amount.
    • The sum of the cashback amount and the amount due for the shopper's purchases.

  2. Make a PaymentRequest with:

    • PaymentTransaction: the total and cashback amounts.

      Parameter Description
      AmountsReq.RequestedAmount The total amount to be paid by the shopper: the amount for the purchase plus the amount for the cashback.
      AmountsReq.CashBackAmount The cashback amount.

    The example below shows the request for a shopper who purchased goods for 10 AUD, and wants to obtain a cashback of 2 AUD:

  3. When you receive the payment response, check the Response.Result:

    • Success means the issuer authorised both the payment and the cashback.
      The amount in the PaymentResult.AmountsResp.CashBackAmount field is the amount that you need to pay to the shopper in cash.

    • Partial means the issuer authorised the payment but not the cashback.

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