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The ped_device_info struct contains the following data elements:



An enum of the type ped_state that indicates the device state. The ped_state must reach the status ped_state_operational before the transaction is considered complete.Before completing the transaction, the system can return callbacks that show a change in PED state. The terminal_id is recorded in the Adyen payments platform, both in the transaction view and in the device state.The device state can encounter any of the following statuses, though not always in this order. Cycling through each state is not mandatory. The POS must take action on the ped_state_operational status before performing a transaction. The other states are provided for information only and do not require action from the POS.


The terminal_id of the PED.


The PED serial number.


The PED terminal type.


The PED device brand.


The PED API version.


The PED OS version.


The PED hardware version and only relevant during a transaction.


The percentage of battery left.


Indicates whether or not the PED is accepting tenders


A reference to the tender provided by the PED.

The terminal_idterminal_serial_numberterminal_typeterminal_brandterminal_api_versionterminal_os_version, and terminal_hardware_version data elements are used to define the exact state of the PED. Use these elements to investigate issues.

These data elements are recorded in the Customer Area. For each transaction, this PED ID is listed to trace back the origin of a transaction to the PED on which it had been executed. The Customer Area shows all configuration details for each PED, and offers functions to change these details.

Possible device_state enumerations

ped_state_offline The PED is offline.
ped_state_online The PED is online, but not yet operational.
ped_state_unregistered The PED is not yet registered.
ped_state_identified The PED is identified.
ped_state_registered The PED is registered.
ped_config_synced The PED configuration is synced from the Adyen payments platform.
ped_state_operational The PED is operational and can start a transaction.
ped_state_tender The PED is operational and has started a transaction.