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Value Description
register_app_status An enum of type REGISTER_APP_STATUS that holds the result of the register app call. The result of the first request should be AppRegistered, and the result of subsequent requests should be AppAlreadyRegistered. Any other response indicates a failure, in which case the system populates ed_result_code and error_message with more details.
supported_currencies_size Number of supported currencies. Defines the number of currencies in the supported_currencies array.
supported_currencies List of the supported currencies. An array of strings containing ISO 4217 currency codes that are supported. Merchants configure these in the Adyen payments platform.
supported_payment_methods_size Number of supported payment methods.  Defines the number of payment methods recorded in the supported_payment_methods array.
supported_payment_methods The supported payment methods; an array of payment_method structs, containing an Application Identifier (AID) (optional) and a description. The AID can be present multiple times, in the case of co-branding of cards for instance. It contains all the payment methods that the merchant can use. Merchants configure these in the Adyen payments platform. Click here for a full list of AIDs.
associated_merchants_size The number of associated merchants; the number of merchant accounts in the supported_payment_methods array.
associated_merchants An array of associated merchant accounts. Merchants configure these in the Adyen payments platform.
ped_result_code The system populates an enum of type PED_RESULT_CODE in case of failure.
error_message Error message with additional information in case the system failed to process the request.