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Handle Dynamic Currency Conversion


Name Description
TenderAdditionalData The callback is tender-based and thus has both a PED object as well as a Tender object as parameters. The header contains the DCC related information accessible via the standard mechanism. This is a progress style event as it requires no cash register action. In this case, the cardholder is uncertain what to do the staff is aware of the options/choice the cardholder is facing.


Name Type Description
pedObj PedDevice PED object that represents the terminal.
tenderObj Tender The tender associated with the additional data.
headerObj ResponseHdr Header object that includes generic statuses, information about merchant, additional data from the PED.

DCC Returned Details

The DCC details extracted using the standard mechanismcontain the following keys (values provided below are examples):

additionalDataKey additionalDataValue
dcc.markup 300
dcc.commissionfee 0
dcc.exchangerate 11180
dcc.converted.amount.value 1677
dcc.converted.amount.currency USD
dcc.org.amount.value 1500
dcc.org.amount.currency EUR
dcc.source FX_exchange_rate

DCC Progress events